Talent mapping

Startfinding – а new format of remote recruitment services provider that specializes in finding professionals able to perform customer's business-goals effectively

Talent mapping (creating a "talent map") is conducting candidates' market research to form an external talent pipeline with professionals potentially able to perform customer's strategic business-objectives successfuly. The service is provided in several stages, the main ones are:

  • identification of key skills / talents that are needed for growth or improvement of the customer's business efficiency, the definition of the target companies / projects list
  • identification of professionals with the proven experience of performing business goals successfully within the target companies / projects list
  • generation of report ("talent map") based on the specified tailor-made criteria of the customer

Talent maping allows the customer to adjust succession & retention planning for current employees and create potential talent pipeline of external candidates for business grow or improvement

The service is provided for direct employers as well as a partner / representative of a recruiting agency

 We work without prepayment and get a fixed fee on a contingency basis